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Our next breeding will be early in 2011
If interested in a puppy, read through the
puppy pack FIRST and then return
the questionnaire. I will contact you when we do a breeding.
    Cherrywood's Not For Sale, aka Nadia, is a home-bred member of
    Cherrywood and co-owned by good friend Susan Grosslight.
    Nadia is "clear" of the LPN1 mutation

    A beautiful combination of her mom, (Kati) and dad, (Ancho) Nadia pulls in the good
    traits from her Hungarian, Italian and Swedish ancestry. Born on July 17, 2005, she is 28 1/2" and
    135 lbs.  She is affectionate, loyal, obedient, our best watchdog and has a great sense of fun and
    medium-high energy level. She loves swimming in the pond and playing with Sassy, our youngest

    Nadia is a middle of the pack girl, neither aspiring to the Presidency nor overly submissive, and
    she's simply a joy to live with. Her beautiful head and expression, gorgeous coat and good
    angulation makes her a pleasure to watch both in the show ring and out in the back yard.

    Our  "R" and our "T" litter are out of Nadia.
    Nadia will be bred to Griffon, Cherrywood's Lion in Winter,  in early 2011.
    This litter will be free of the LPN1 mutation.
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I'm Proud To Be A
Responsible Breeder

    Cherrywood's Quick Study, aka Sassy, is a beautiful blend of
    her parents, LCA CH Cherrywood's Had To Be You, (Sally) and
    Cherrywood's Lion in Winter (Griffon).
    Sassy is "clear" of the LPN1 mutation

    She is our funniest Leo with a great sense of humor, sure of herself, lovable and has turned
    into a beautiful adult. She is 28" tall and around 126lb. I see an awful lot of her grandma "Zider"
    coming through in her looks, temperament and mannerisms, especially when she starts thumping her
    tail on the wall in the middle of the night! Now that is happy!

    Her pedigree pulls in many Leos I've known over the years as well as two of our homebred dogs.
    There is also one I imported from Germany and another I imported from Norway. It
    has been a joy to me to watch different traits belonging to each of them come through
    the generations.

    Our "S" litter is out of Sassy.
    Sassy will be bred to Muerfy v Alpensee in early 2011
    This litter will be free of the LPN1 mutation.
                                                   THE LEGACY
    We acquired our first Leonberger in 1990 from the von der Heckenrose kennel and
    had Cherrywood's first litter in 1993. Twenty years later we've known so many of
    the dogs in our pedigrees intimately!  I've had the pleasure of living with some of
    them and some I've watched grow up in our owners' homes.

    Others I've met in my travels to shows and involvement in the Leonberger
    community.  It's especially gratifying to watch each of our generations become a
    little bit better than the previous one, while watching the traits I love consistently
    come through. That is what breeding is all about - looking towards the future and
    helping the breed get to where it will be 50 years from now.