Cherrywood Kennels

    Our offspring can be found throughout the United States, Canada and in Germany.
    Cherrywood dogs are working in Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Therapy with seniors,
    children and troubled youth and as wonderful companions for their families.

    There is always a range of personalities in a litter, just as there is in a human family. To help
    me place the right puppy with you, I need to know about your lifestyle, personality and
    experience with previous dogs. With those answers in mind, your puppy will be hand picked by
    me for the best possible match for both of you.

    I've been a professional Behavioral Specialist and Consultant and Obedience Instructor and
    Trainer since 1979 and my specialty is puppy behavior and starting them off right. I believe in
    bringing out the natural self confidence early, and my litters have had exposure to a variety of
    household sights and sounds and experiences by the time they go home with their new owners.
    Cherrywood Leonbergers have built a reputation for outstanding temperaments since 1993.
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    By the time they leave Cherrywood they have
    had a number of new experiences and daily one-on-one
    sessions so they start realizing they are individuals. By the
    time you welcome one of our pups into your home, she
    will have walked on a variety of surfaces, been both
    indoors and outdoors, experienced a number of different
    people, and objects like stairs and toys, been introduced
    to baths and blow dryers and will have had her nails
    clipped and her coat brushed a number of times.

  • My services include a Sunday morning "Newslitter"
    including updates on what the puppies have been doing as
    well asf informative articles I've found over the past 20
    years on everything from health to behavior to other
    things of interest to new owners that I'll send out before
    you bring your pup home. It's always a work in progress!

  • I keep my owners informed of how a litter is doing and
    update them on things I am doing with the pups, send
    photos of them as they are growing and try to answer the
    questions that come up with our new owners too. In
    return I expect my buyers to do the same.

  • Once our pups leave for their new lives I am still available
    to help owners through any problems that may arise,
    always glad to hear how well the pups are doing and love
    to get photos of them as they grow. I'm also a
    conscientious breeder and will contact you if something
    that may be of concern turns up in your litter.

    What do I expect in return? I expect you to continue what
    we have started - a loving home, obedience training, good
    physical and mental health care, periodic updates and
    photos, and adherence to your contract as well as use of
    the resources I can supply you with.
Remember we'll start you out
with a cute and well socialized pup...

...the rest is up to you!!
Top Dog
Kevin's coat of many
The End!
Elsa Beth at 3 months
Elsa Beth at 12 months!
Just like the big kids!