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Cherrywood Kennels
When the BIG DAY finally arrives!!
Cherrywood's Seize
The Day

      Cherrywood's requirements for owners include:

  • a large, safely enclosed yard where you and your Leo will be
    able to spend time together outdoors. A Leo needs room to
    run straight out, in order for his body and mind to mature
    correctly. This breed needs space, and won't do well in a tiny
    yard. A daily walk isn't enough for a Leo. A 4-6' secure fence,  
    is a necessity. I owned a Leo who easily scaled a 5' fence. They
    will wander if allowed and some are escape artists.

  • enrollment in a behavior/obedience group class with a qualified
    instructor within 2 months of purchase, continuing
    intermittently with classes until the dog is a year and a half
    old.  You need to learn to control a 100 lb., 7 mo. old puppy
    with distractions around you! Private lessons won't do that.

  • coming to Ohio to pick up your pup. If you're flying, you'll need
    to check with your airline to be sure the pup may ride home in
    the cabin with you. I will not ship pups partially because we
    want to meet the people who will be getting our puppies.

  • consistent socialization off of your property for the first year
    or so. Leonbergers have watchdog instincts, and you want your
    adult to understand what is "normal" in his world. That requires
    introducing him to many new and unique situations as a puppy.
    Your Leo needs to meet other dog breeds, new people and
    constantly changing situations before he is 20 weeks old, in
    order to mature into a steady adult.

  • registering your puppy with the AKC, even if you never plan to
    show or breed him. It helps us keep track of where the
    population of the breed is in the US. You are also encouraged
    to become a member of the Parent Club of the breed in the
    US, the Leonberger Club of America. It is a great community of
    Leo lovers.

  • neutering your Leonberger after the growth plates close,
    unless we both agree at that point that he/she may be bred.
    All Leos going to companion homes are sold on limited
    registration which means they cannot be bred nor shown in
    conformation but can be shown in AKC performance events
    like agility, obedience etc..

  • breeding only according to AKC rules. I will be happy to help
    and mentor any of our buyers who are seriously  and
    conscientiously interested in learning to show or breed.
18900 Chamberlain Rd. Grafton, OH 44044 |  440-926-2801 | cherrywoodleos@yahoo.com

    When you get a puppy from Cherrywood you are getting my  knowledge,  help and support for the life of
    your Leonberger.

    We offer health guarantees on hips if you fulfill our contract, and we have a first right of refusal clause to
    take back your Leo or help you find a suitable new home, should you ever need to re-home him.

                             Ann Rogers
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