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 Happy Tails To You ®
  • Professional Dog Obedience Training since 1979     
  • Endorsed by the NADOI in 1980
  • Currently a Full Member of APDT
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      Dog Training | Lorain, Medina, Western Cuyahoga Counties
      More than 11,000 dogs have come through my program!
     30 years of professional dog obedience experience!

    Why Choose Happy Tails To You® ?
  • Expect the Best. Ann Rogers works with each of you personally.
  • Reputation. Ann has been serving the community since 1979 and has
    an unequaled reputation during that time.
  • Experience. Ann's instructional experience, breed and behavior
    knowledge, motivational skills, and love of her job will be unbeatable
    in reaching your goals.
  • Personal Attention. Group classes are small 6-8 Winter and 8-10
    Summer, so that Ann gets to know you and your dog and can help
    you find alternative methods of dealing with problems that come up
    if what you are trying isn't working.
  • Student Accountability. Instruction is firm and fair. You are given
    the  tools to use, and it's expected that you will follow instructions.
  • Reference Material. You will be going home with homework booklets
    to work from, rather than just your memory.
  • Resources. If you don't understand something during the week you
    can email or call Ann who can help you work through it. You can also  
    schedule a private lesson if you feel you need extra coaching.
  • Vacation Boarding. Camp Happy Tails boarding is open year round for
    our well behaved students and graduates.
  • Fun. Splash Camp is open for dog/friendly students every Saturday
    during the summer.
  • Solution Creativity. Happy Tails is not "cookie cutter" training.
  • Results! Happy Tails students are our best advertising. Ann has a
    personal interest invested in each of you.

    Happy Tails To You ® is a registered servicemark with the State
    of Ohio. Ann Rogers is the only one allowed, by law, to use the
    name and logo in reference to a dog training business. Don't be
    fooled by imitators!
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    Dog Training | Lorain, Medina, Western Cuyahoga Counties
    At Happy Tails, you and your dog will learn respect for each other and you'll learn
    to communicate with him in ways he can understand. Your dog wants you to be the leader, but if you
    don't take that position, you may end up with a very unhappy relationship. That isn't good for either
    you or your dog. As Ann teaches you to change your behavior, you'll find your relationship with your
    four-footed friend gets better and better. There is a big difference between Leadership and
    Dominance! Leaders are strong and respected. Domineering owners are weak and feared. Which would
    you rather be?

    Ann starts working with puppies as young as eight weeks, to get off on the right foot in your home.
    Group classes start them at 12 weeks of age, although friendly adult canines who are beginning formal
    training are also invited. Ann feels that balanced adult dogs can teach puppies an awful lot about
    leader/follower relationships, and humans will learn a lot about canine behavior from watching adult
    dogs with puppies.

    Not every dog can get along with new people or with other dogs. Please ask about private in-home
    lessons where you can work through your dogs problems one on one if you feel he will not do well in a

    Ann uses  "YES!"  motivational training in B1 classes, and does a lot of controlled socialization during
    off-leash break times with same-sized dogs in the groups. Pups learn to brush up on their social skills
    with both dogs and humans which will keep them out of trouble as they mature. Owners learn to read
    their dogs and prevent inappropriate behavior by them.