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18900 Chamberlain Rd. Grafton, OH 44044 |  440-926-2801 | cherrywoodleos@yahoo.com
Wellington Veterinary Clinic

    Trainer On Call... a special service for clients of the

    Sometimes owners will just have a question or two about their new
    puppy's behavior; "Is it 'normal' for him to be having accidents in our
    house? He's 10 weeks old."

    Sometimes it's more involved; "My dog is 3 months old and he's biting me.
    I am afraid he is vicious. Can you help me?"

    Many problem behaviors are caused by a lack of understanding of the
    differences between canine and human cultures.  He may be part of your
    family, but dealing with him as a furry little person is not in his best
    interest nor yours. Learning how to become the pack leader will make
    your life easier and your dog happier. My job is to help you do that.

    If you have questions about your puppy or adult dog's behavior, and are a
    client of our partnering veterinarians, you may call for a free phone
    consultation on Wednesdays from 9am to 5pm, and I will be here to
    answer your questions and help you work through the problems you are

    Many questions and problems can be dealt with during a phone
    consultation, but please realize that very involved situations need to
    be dealt with in-person.