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Cherrywood's Golden Oldies
Dedicated to those wonderful "senior citizens" from Cherrywood Kennels
Happy 11th birthday to our F litter !
Cherrywood's "F" litter
    Cherrywoods Funny Valentine aka "Ginger"
    February 9, 1999

    When we bought our house in 1996, we knew it
    would be just a matter of time until we would add
    a dog.  And after meeting just one Leonberger, we
    knew we had found our breed.

    It must have been the litter timing that led us to
    focus on Cherrywood Kennels.  We described our
    requirements to Ann Rogers and she selected "Miss
    Pink" of the “F” litter to send home with us.  Ann
    also included a huge training manual filled with
    excellent tips for raising our pup.  The one tip
    that we remember best was to “socialize,
    socialize, and socialize.”  And we have followed
    that tip faithfully for ten years.   (More below)

    Ginger was only six months old when the activities director of neighboring St. Raphael’s Home for the Aged
    summoned Ginger inside to visit the residents.  With further training supplied by the Columbus All-Breed Training
    Club, we were on our way to a seven-year career in pet therapy.  We never dreamed or suspected that Ginger
    would go on to become one of the most highly decorated therapy dogs in the entire country.

    Ginger made her first visit to Grandview Avenue and Stauf’s Coffee Shop the week she arrived in our home.  And
    she has been a sidewalk regular each spring, summer and fall at Stauf’s where she has her loyal followers who
    look forward to greeting her every Tuesday evening.

    Today, Ginger hosts an informal dog park in our front yard every afternoon.  She has lots of frisky playmatesa and
    Dale, with just two short dog walks per day, has logged over 3,000 miles.  How about that for therapy?

    Submitted by:  Dale & Linda Johnson -- Columbus, Ohio – Happy Birthday to BJLY and Ginger this day. Eleven
    years old.
    Cherrywood's Frauline Engle aka "BJLY"
    February 9, 1999

    Eleven years ago the Leonberger world met ours.

    BJLY and we met in Libby’s whelping box. She, BJLY,
    said, “take me, take me”. Yes, I’m an Animal
    Communicator and Larry and I are both Natural Healers
    (Traditional-Tibetan Reiki Masters). BJLY’s name needed
    to be unique, according to her. We had a golden, named
    Yos, husband (Larry), wife (Judy) and dog companion
    (Buffy) who just crossed over…so I played with the first
    letter of each name to come up with something that could
    be pronounced… had to end in Y… the rest was playing
    with a mouth full.

    Through BJLY’S journey with us, she has appeared in
    numerous public speaking engagements pertaining to
    Animal Communication. Her other BIG joy is to help or
    assist in The Natural Healing portion in our home.
    Greeting people was a given, pats, hugs and kisses were
    also expected and received. The “healing table,” as we
    call it, (it’s a massage table covered with a buffalo hide
    side up) in view about 340 days a year, was BJLY ‘S OTHER
    bed. You couldn’t miss her when you walked in and she
    silently commanded you to give hugs, pats and kisses;
    which she got.

    (more under BJLY's photo > )
    The appearance and personality of this LEO is
    imbedded in our hearts. Clients, friends and
    neighbors who weren’t sure about BIG DOGS,
    seemed to melt around BJLY. Work, work,
    work, grooming….A friend had one Leo
    (Willie) at the time, BJLY’S boyfriend until
    he got a wife (Cianna) they are just
    friends..Cianna protects her man.

    Meeting other Leo’s, their owners and
    breeders have been great for our hearts and
    hopefully for all that meet these ambassadors.

    We thank Ann and Kevin, Libby and Zeus for
    our joy and love called The Leo!
Happy Birthday to
Cherrywood's "G" litter at 11

Cherrywood's Georgia aka "Georgia
May 27,'99

    Eleven years – It is hard to believe that it was almost 11
    years ago we picked Georgia up. It seems like yesterday. A
    lot of time has passed since then and we would not want to
    spend a single day without her. She was the Leo puppy
    everybody talks about, calm, gentle without an ounce of
    aggression. When Georgia turned 8 months we moved back to
    Germany and she discovered a whole new world. In the
    States we lived in a very quiet neighborhood. Now in
    Germany she had to adjust to a different life style. She
    coped very well and grew into a wonderful adult. Since then
    our Leo pack has grown and now consists of 4 females. She is
    the boss and keeps everybody in place. The past year she has
    gotten slower but still enjoys her daily walks. We taught her
    to ring a bell if she has to go outside at night. Now she uses
    it to wake us up so we turn on the light for her as she walks
    up the stairs to our bedroom. Sometimes I think her hearing
    is not so good anymore but when I cut sausage in the kitchen
    she is right there. The two things (besides sausage) she loves
    the most are being combed and beaches. We took her to the
    east sea a couple of times and she just loves the beach. She
    rolls around in the sand like a puppy but does not care for
    the water too much. She can sit on the beach and look over
    the water for hours.
    Georgia is very loving and devoted to her family, yet very
    independent, she is a sensitive Leo but can be very stubborn
    at times. When she was young she was an enthusiastic hunter
    and a wonderful watchdog. We love her very much and hope
    that she will be with us for many more walks on the beach.
Happy Birthday to
Cherrywood's "G" litter at 11
Happy Birthday to
Cherrywood's "H" litter at 10
Cherrywood's Harmony Cadence  CGC aka "Cadence"
June 1, 2000

    I remember picking up Miss Yellow thinking she was
    the cutest puppy we had ever seen. From day one she
    had the most focused, intense gaze of any dog we have
    known. She would just sit and stare at you until she
    had your full attention. In ten years that hasn't
    changed and it is one of her most endearing qualities.
    Cadence has a wonderful temperament and the perfect
    combination of intelligence, independence and the
    willingness to please that makes us think we are in
    control. (There is a lot going on behind those big
    brown eyes!)
    Cadence earned her Canine Good Citizenship title and
    put it into practice playing "Sandy" in Lockport High
    School's production of Annie. She loved going to
    "work" each day and enjoyed being the center of
    attention. The kids loved her and she was a wonderful
    embassador for the breed.
    At ten years, Cadence is still going strong. She was our
    first Leonberger and she will always be our "Best-est
    Girl." Thank you, Ann & Kevin for bringing her into our
    lives. Cadence has and will continue to be one of the
    most outstanding "fur-people" we will ever have the
    pleasure of knowing.