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25 Years of Photos
Welcome to           
Cherrywood Kennels!
...the home of Cherrywood Leonbergers
and one adorable Havana Silk Dog

    Located in Northeastern Ohio,  about 40
    miles southwest of Cleveland, Cherrywood is
    one of the oldest Leonberger breeding and
    show names in the US and is known for
    producing not only great companions and
    performance and therapy Leos but top
    winning Ch. Leonbergers of sound mind and
    body, with the best temperament, type and
    health possible since 1990.

    Ann Rogers is proud to be an LCA Member
    Breeder, and an "AKC Breeder of Merit"
    whose goal is to improve and protect the
    breed by placing Cherrywood puppies in
    homes that can ensure a wonderful
    human/canine bond for the life of the dog.

    Ann owned and operated Happy Tails To You
    School For Dogs, which served close to
    12,000 dogs and their owners over 33 years
    before retiring from teaching in 2012.

    Click on links above left to further explore in
    detail our wonderful, ongoing journey with
    our dogs.
CWK  News
If you would like
to meet
a Leonberger, they are
being exhibited at most
AKC shows throughout
the US on any given
weekend. Consult and click on the
Events Calendar.
Proud recipient of the LCA's 2007
"Leo Award," which reads:
Ann Rogers
"With love and gratitude for exceptional dedication to
promoting international awareness of laryngeal paralysis and
peripheral neuropathy in Leonbergers, and for faithfully
promoting the ideals of the Leonberger Club of America."
                       HONORED RECIPIENT
    "For sustained perseverance and excllence
    over many years working to raise awareness and
    educate Leo owners about important health
    issues affecting the breed."
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We have owned, loved,
and bred our Leos for
30 years and I am happy
to step back
mentor now as our
legacy lives on through
their progeny.

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Cherrywood offspring,
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